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Pamper Yourself with Great Skincare Products: PhilanthroBee

Another great maker of skincare products to pamper yourself with is Philanthrobee. Philanthrobeemakes luxurious all-natural skincare products from you guessed it, bees. Their products are made from honey, propolis (also known as natures penicillin), and virgin beeswax. All of their practices are humane, and the idea is to use what nature provides to make great products and help the declining bee population.

MASK: The BEE-ch facial mask cleanser draws out toxins and debris from your skin while detoxifying and infusing your skin with moisture and nutrients. I really liked this product. It leaves your face feeling clean and fresh without making your skin feel tight or dry. One or two uses of this wonderful product, and I could definitely feel a difference in my skin.

MOISTURE: This body bar is amazing. It works with your body heat to melt into your skin, using the natural bee products to soothe, replenish moisture, promote skin health, and protect against damage. Now I read this about the product before using it and thought, “melts into your skin”, but it really does. It’s like as your using it the bar gets softer and the product just sort of coats your skin in moisturizing, soothing goodness. It’s perfect for when your skin feels tight, itchy, or flakey. It also smells amazing!

SOAK: I can’t resist a good bath bomb. There’s nothing better to pamper yourself with than a nice long bath with a great bath bomb. Now some bath bombs melt away in the bath almost instantly. This is not one of those. The Hive Bath Bomb lasts quite a long time, smells like honey, and leaves your skin feeling soft, moisturized and refreshed. The Hive Bath Bomb is made with organic honey powder from hives in California, colloidal oatmeal, therapeutic salts, natural essential oils, and cocoa butter antioxidants. It is a 3” bomb made to give you a nice frothy bathing experience.