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Whats the Bee-Cause? 

If our honey bees disappear, say goodbye to 1/2 of the fruits and veggies that we see on the shelves at our local supermarkets. Did you know that bees are responsible for pollinating 81% of our crops that feed humans and animals? That’s 1/3 of the crops that feed our people.... globally!  

If Bees go bye-bye – these things go bye-bye!

So, say good bye to your favorite fruits & berries, and that yummy guacamole! Oh and your favorite cup of coffee, you know, your morning ritual? You might as well kiss that goodbye too. Oh you want ice-cream or chocolate after dinner? Nope, you might as well say BON VOY YAGE to that as well. Dairy cattle are fed a robust diet of alfalfa, that production is dependent on our pollinators. So if we don’t have bees, this goes too.

The bee species is critical to our global ecosystem, they allow our plants to reproduce and grow the foods that feed our people and the animals that feed our people.

Why the decline in Bees?

Unfortunately there is not a single reason for this sudden decline in our bee population. The reasons are likely caused by a factor of things that we humans are responsible for.  Causes range from overuse of pesticides, bee habitat loss, global warming, and spreading of the varroa mites have all been a large part in the decline of our bee colonies. 

What can we do to help the bees?

There are so many programs available for people who want to help the Bee-Cause. The simplest at-home way is by making your yard more bee friendly. By planting various organic flowering plants so that our little pollinators can feed on them year round, and avoid using pesticides on your lawn and or garden, you are helping the cause. You can also get involved in bee habitat project near you. 

What are we doing to take part in saving the bees?

Our family has supported the conservative bee keeping efforts at Happy Hollow Park and Zoo for Years. By creating a bee habitat, and by providing educational bee keeping classes, we are working with our community to spread awareness about the importance of bees. Not only are we spreading awareness, we also donate 20% of our profits to the bee keeping conservation services at Happy Hollow Park and Zoo. 

Bee's may not be the number one most important endangered species on your list, but it certainly tops the list for all of Humanity, even if you were unaware of it. The survival of humanity leans on the survival of our bee colonies