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Our Story

"Skin Care Doesn’t Have to bee harsh to bee effective".

There are so many skin care lines guaranteeing the hottest new ingredients and promising their product will do miracles to our skin. But, these same companies forget to mention all of the nasty preservatives, lab crafted sulfates, and toxic parabens added to their products. In actuality, these products are doing more harm than good to our skin. 

"Our skin is the largest organ in our body".

So why are we running to the store and paying hundreds of dollars for something with heavily processed ingredients? These ingredients are toxic to our health.  As a society we are so fast to judge the items that we consume because it isn’t “farm to table”. Yet, we slather our bodies with the same nasty ingredients that are in most of these processed foods that we often judge.

PhilanthroBee's®️ skin care products have been hand crafted with raw ingredients derived from our honey bee apiaries in Willow Glen California. The "Farm to Table" concept has never been better achieved.

"Flower to Table, is the new Farm to Table".


We have a true passion towards creating a net positive company. PhilanthroBee®️ sources their butters and herbs not grown in our apiaries from fair-trade communities around the world. We work diligently to design our packaging to contain zero toxic plastics. We are proud to say that 98% of our packaging is eco-friendly and biodegradable. PhilanthroBee®️ has contributed 100% to help continue to the "Bee-Cause" movement through bee conservation and education in the city of San Jose. 



My passion for animals and our environment started as a young woman. I found love in experimenting with old recipes handed down from generation to generation. I used these recipes to heal our animals' ailments, my own ailments, as well as others' ailments.  From creating drawing salves to pull abscessed splinters from our farm animals extremities, to using a bee’s propolis spray on my chickens legs when they got mites; I crafted natural recipes that were potent and effective. The main ingredients could be found right in our neighbor’s honey bee hives. Because of my passion for natural remedies, I studied Cell & Molecular Biology in college. I studied the cause-and-effect of what harmful toxins, at a molecular level, did to our bodies. These were the exact same harmful toxins I found in my face and body creams! It jump started my search for creating an all-natural remedy that could both hydrate and bring nutrients to my skin. 

Remedies from the hive also proved useful in some of my own ailments. In college, as an athlete, I suffered severe muscle fatigue, as well as, rare heart arrhythmias. When the doctors couldn't heal me, I leaned into my knowledge of science and love for raw natural products from our beehives. I crafted a magnesium butter which ultimately helped give my muscles a much needed break. As a result, I found my restless leg syndrome subsided, I was getting much needed tranquil sleep, and my arrhythmias were at an all-time low. 

My natural recipes didn't stop there. A colleague suffered from extreme pain and dreadful rashes caused from her eczema condition. She asked if the “bees” had anything that could help ease the suffering she was experiencing. The following day I brought her some propolis body butter. A week later she was hugging me and crying because her skin “wasn't so angry”. The rash had subsided substantially. That was the moment I knew I had to share my knowledge and products with the world. 

Using my experience in the science labs as a model, and my knowledge of health from the hive, I began experimenting in my kitchen with different recipes containing the raw bee products from our hives. Eventually, I had enough recipes for common skin concerns, I decided it was time to share outside of my inner circle. It was time to share this product with my community and now with all of you.

Every recipe has been tested on myself and several of my willing family and friends (never on animals). Each recipe is made with all-natural, good-for-you ingredients, with an emphasis on the raw bee products from my family’s hives.
There are zero “nasties” in PhilanthroBee®️ products—no synthetic additives, no nasty preservatives, toxins, or pesticides. You can feel at peace about your skincare, knowing there is absolutely nothing but powerful RAW goodness inside.

"From our hives to your homes, Bee-Cause we care. May you and your Family ENJOY! 


~PhilanthroBee®️ Founder