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Bee-Cause Body Bar
Diane Paulson
No Yet

I haven't begun to use it yet, as I'm finishing up my travel size. Looking forward to it though. Love your packaging!

Love it!

My skin gets really dry in the summer! Especially since I use retinoid skin treatments and this bar has helped me to not only retain moisture but has helped to clear my complexion! So happy to have a new addition to my skin care regimen.

Family Fav

This product is amazing and works so well for our sensitive skin. I highly recommend the fase mask as a must have for your skin care.

Bee-Cause Body Bar
Tonie Minsal

Lovely! Lovely texture, fun to use. Smells nice.

The Hive Bath Bomb
Yvonne Wilkerson
Best bath bomb ever!

Y'all.... get this bath bomb. You will feel so silky and smooth when you get out of the bath. It is so relaxing and smells wonderful. This is my go-to product whenever I have a bad day or if I have something special coming up. My skin feels amazing and it is all natural so there isn't any chemical smell at all like with others. Wish I could give it more than 5 stars!

Bee-Cause Body Bar
Grace A. Capobianco
Best product since Botox!

Our CEO used the Be Cause Body Bar, and cannot get enough. She swims every day and with the pandemic, pools have increased their usage of chlorine and sanitization process. Unfortunately, the increase along with dry itchy winter skin Ms. Capobianco was at her wit's end. Until saw your Be Cause Body Bar in our product closet, tried it, and it worked in one day! She cannot get enough. "everyone who swims should use this bar, and if you are not a swimmer, a must purchase, Be Cause Body Bar every day. It's my # 1 go-to favorite product for 2021. "                
Grace A. Capobianco CEO Downtown Magazine New York

Best products ever

The products are natural safe and support the environment. What more can you ask for?

Winter dry skin

The reason I purchased this product was I had started to have that dry itchy winter skin. The problem was solved within days.

Bee-Cause Body Bar
Robin Huber
It’s a gift

It’s a gift

Treat Yo'self

The bars keep my hands and legs soft, even with the frigid cold of winter. I like they are easy to transport. I also tried the bath bomb, which is the best I've ever used. Smells delicious and made my skin so soft.

Bee-Cause Body Bar
Andrea Santoro
I have a confession to make...

I hate wearing lotion! I hate the sticky icky feeling of getting out of the shower then slathering myself with lotion and getting dressed, so I don't bother. The problem is my skin desperately needs it since it's so dry. This is why I love the body bar so much! It's lightweight, silky smooth and non-greasy, plus it hydrates and repairs my skin so I don't have to wear that slimy stuff.

Mask that works is my favorite kind of mask.

Yes, the mask is a little on the pricey side, but I have paid WAY more for masks that did way less - to nothing. This mask is hands down a gravity eliminator! After I took it off, my face was rose, and perky? Is that a thing? Can your face feel perky? That is the only way I know how to describe it. This will be going into my skincare stock list because you don't mess with something that works well!

The Hive Bath Bomb
Fidel Leong
Give me more!

I can not get enough of these bath bombs. I found them at Three Sisters in Willow Glen, and have been back 3 times already to pick up more bath bombs. These are the BEES KNEES! They make my skin feel so soft after I get out of the bathtub. Definitely a fan favorite!!

Bee-Cause Body Bar
Lester Dillow
Great Shop In Willow Glen

I went into the Willow Glen Store to get some early shopping kicked off. I picked up ALL of the goods. Honey, Bee themed kitchen goods, and of course the PhilanthroBee Kit for my daughters and wife! Great store, owner was delightful, and will definitely be supporting this family business in the future #beeleiver.

Bee-Cause Mini Travel Bar
Brandi susewitz

LOVE the bath bombs. Made my skin feel silky smooth. I'll definitely be purchasing more soon!

Picked up from boutique.

Headed downtown, and into this boutique where I get our raw honey. Got this little bar and a couple other things for my daughters halloween bag (since tick or treating wasn't really a thing, and we banned her from going to halloween parties - 😂) - she loved everything BTW. Got this great little bar for the first time. Being a man is hard enough to admit to skincare, but I really don't care, because that little bar is delightful. My hands are not dry. Great purchase and great holiday decor in the store.

Glow My!

Okay hands down best chapstick!!! Yes, I know its not chapstick, but I rub this on my face and my lips ALL THE TIME. Its right in line with the cost of those really expensive chapsticks, and you get more for your money... shhhh don't tell anyone! 🤩

Never Going Back to ANYTHING ElSE

This is the best little moisturizer, and it fits into basically any pocket. Im on my second one now, and use it religiously. I actually upgraded to the large body bar as well, but we will save that review for another day! Thank you this is amazing.

Bee-Cause Mini Travel Bar
Manahl Bergenstein
Great stocking stuffers!

Got a bunch of these as stocking stuffers and wine "toppers" (Gifts that go with a bottle of wine).

Bee-Cause Mini Travel Bar
Boycey Brodersen
Great hand moisturizer right in your pocket!

This is such a great little bar, fits right in my pocket!

Man Mask Monday !

Yep, I am a man, and I LOVE masking! My girlfriend gave me this awesome looking black jar (looks very gender neutral - not sure if that was the purpose, but I thought that was a really nice touch). I am not ashamed, and absolutely love the feel of my face after I use the mask.

Bee-Cause Body Bar
Brandy Markovic
Life Saver!

We float between snow country and the bay area, and my poor cracked skin has finally been cured! The body bar has been nothing short of a life saver. I used to have such bad skin from working in the cold outdoors, and now they are so smooth and hydrated. I carry this bar with me everywhere now!

Bee-Cause Body Bar
Veronica Garcia

When my package arrived I was surprised wit some extra goodies! Definitely did not
Expect them but they’re perfect and the packaging is so beautiful as well!

Wit that being said, I am absolutely in luv wit the body bar! It leaves my skin extremely soft! I also go ahead and use it on my legs as I have sensitive skin. I def recommend it and can’t wait to order again! Great customer service!

The Hive Bath Bomb
Tyler Hollis
The Best Bath Bomb!

This was truly the best bath bomb I have ever tried in my life. I have done Lush Bath Bombs and lord knows how many others throughout the years. This product made my skin so soft and I smelt like delicious lavender honey for well over a day. It is beautiful to look at and makes your skin feel like absolute perfection. Thank you for this amazing product.

The Bee-Ch Facial Clarifying Mask