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Product Care

Product Handling

  • Because our products are made with natural raw ingredients without the addition of nasty preservatives, they should be handled with care. To ensure your product does not grow any unnecessary mold spores, we highly recommend using a clean finger or a clean cosmetic spatula for every use. 

Product Storage

  • PhilanthroBee®️ products are made to be stored in a cool, dry place at room temperature. Because the ingredients have natural wax, honey and butters, we do not recommend refrigerating the creams because the contents will solidify, making it harder for you to use your product. Although there is a UV protectant on the glass itself, this is to help the shelf life of the product with indirect light exposure, so do not leave this in the hot sun as it will ruin your product.

Product Shelf Life

  • Because we make small batches each week, this method ensures you will have the freshest products delivered to your door. Once the products are opened, we recommend use within 6-12 months (using clean fingers or cosmetic spatulas for each use). Because of the natural make-up of the product it will keep its properties for 12 months in room temperature if unopened.