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Bee-Cause Body Bar
Bee-Cause Body Bar
Bee-Cause Body Bar

Bee-Cause Body Bar

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Why It Works
How To Use
The ultimate indulgence for your precious skin; this golden cocktail of skin loving organic hive ingredients and botanicals, locks in moisture, nourishes, protects and softens the skin. The magical blend of precious oils & raw honey is aromatherapy at its best.
Mindfully formulated, using some of nature's most potent ingredients, this exquisite, highly vibrant gold bar, not only nourishes, protects and moistures the skin, it's supercharged with powerful anti-inflammatories that help keep complexions calm and cool, and the glow - oh my!

mele (raw honey) Willow Glen Honey bees*, cera alba (organic virgin beeswax) Willow Glen Honey bees*, propolis (Willow Glen propolis) willow glen honey bees*, butyrospermum parkii (shea seed) butter**, theobroma cacao (cocoa seed)butter**, cocos nucifera (coconut) nut oil**, prunus dulcis dl-alpha tocopherol (vitamin e) oil**, grapeseed (vitis vinifera)oil simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) butter oil **, citrus aurantium bergamia (bergamot fcf) oil**^bergamot fcf is free from bergapten, it has no photosensitizing effects

Female founded, funded, formulated, & operated in the heart of Silicon Valley. Crafted in small batches, means our products contain only natural organic ingredients, allowing the products to maintain their freshness, and natural potency, so that every ingredient makes a powerful impact on your skin. *harvested from our Willow Glen honey bee apiaries  **organic + ^fair trade (when available)  

All Key Ingredients
Natural bacteria-fighting, Healing, Softening, Hydrating, Antioxidant power house.
Anti-inflammatory, Calming, Free radical fightor
Calming effects on inflammations, acne, eczema, rosacea, dermatitis and other skin irritations
Vitamin A Powerhouse, Moisture Barrier, Bacteria Fighter, Skin Hydrator
Omega-6 fatty Acids, Skin Soothing Rejuvenation, Increases Circulation & Stimulates New blood flow to the surface of the skin.
  • Start by holding the Bee-Cause Body Bar in your palm 
  • Slowly glide Bee-Cause Body Bar over desired areas of body
Feel the soothing, health-promoting ingredients melt right into your skin.
Skin Quenching, Hydrating Powerhouse
1. Is the Body Bar supposed to have little specs in it.
Yes! Those little specs are a small part of the larger picture! Those little dots are tiny pieces of propolis added to our formulas. The propolis is an amazing powerhouse when it comes to adding additional vitamins, and providing additional skin protection.

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Diane Paulson
No Yet

I haven't begun to use it yet, as I'm finishing up my travel size. Looking forward to it though. Love your packaging!

Tonie Minsal

Lovely! Lovely texture, fun to use. Smells nice.

Grace A. Capobianco
Best product!

Our CEO used the Be Cause Body Bar, and cannot get enough. She swims every day and with the pandemic, pools have increased their usage of chlorine and sanitization process. Unfortunately, the increase along with dry itchy winter skin Ms. Capobianco was at her wit's end. Until saw your Be Cause Body Bar in our product closet, tried it, and it worked in one day! She cannot get enough. "everyone who swims should use this bar, and if you are not a swimmer, a must purchase, Be Cause Body Bar every day. It's my # 1 go-to favorite product for 2021. "                
Grace A. Capobianco CEO Downtown Magazine New York

Winter dry skin

The reason I purchased this product was I had started to have that dry itchy winter skin. The problem was solved within days.

Robin Huber
It’s a gift

It’s a gift



Antioxidant Power House

When your skin feels tight, flaky, itchy, or angrily inflamed, the last thing you want is to layer chemically treated thick creams on top of your skin. That’s why the BeeCause Body Bar works with your body heat to melt into your skin, using the power of natural bee products to soothe, replenish moisture, promote skin health, and protect against damage.

Organic raw honey, unrefined  beeswax, and bee propolis harvested right from our hives in California, are medicinal by nature. They penetrate deep for lasting moisture and then create a bacteria-fighting barrier to lock in hydration, and protect your skin from irritation. With its melty texture and creamy color, BeeCause Body Bar feels like it just bee-longs on your skin.


  All Skin Types
  Dry or Mature Skin
  Normal &
Combination Skin
  Oily Skin
  Sensitive Skin
PhilanthroBee's Hive-To-Home Values
Sustainably Sourced
No Nasties
Fair Trade Organic
Hand Crafted
Female Founded
Cruelty Free